Expert repairs car scratches with paint

Scratches on your car are unsightly, and taking the time to care for your car’s appearance can be downright frustrating. Luckily, repairing car scratches is possible when dealing with body shop experts who offer their professional services. From minor surface scratches to the deeper ones that penetrate through the paint, find out how to repair scratches on your car and restore it to its original state.

Different types of scratches on your car

Several types of scratches can occur on your vehicle, but two of the most common types include:

Surface Scratches

Light scratches usually result from something rubbing against your auto’s top paint coating. Luckily, these minor scratches are generally shallow and can be fixed by polishing the clear coating with a clean microfibre cloth or using a special rubbing compound and rubbing it in a circular motion on the damaged paint.

Deep Scratches

Deeper scratches are more significant. They should be left to the professionals to fix, as they frequently require more extensive repair work. Most causes of deep scratches include rocks, debris, tree branches, and car collisions. You can quickly restore your car’s appearance with the proper tools and know-how.

How to fix them?

SMART repair technique is one of the most effective methods for repairing car scratches. It stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technique and involves a paint job and repairing the area of impact without having to restore the entire panel. So if you’re wondering how to repair scratches on cars, here are the eight steps to follow:

  1. Use a clean cloth to clean and dry the area around the scratch. This will remove any excess dirt, waxes, and debris that may interfere with the repair
  2. Carefully cover the neighbouring panels, such as the lights and badges, to prevent any overspray on nearby panels
  3. With a piece of dry sandpaper, sand down the damaged area to smooth out rough edges and reveal the paint and primer layer. This is important to rebuild the colour by layers to ensure a high-quality finish
  4. Prime the area with a grey base that acts as a base coat for the paintwork to prevent it from peeling or flaking. After the primer is applied, it is cured with an infrared lamp for a few minutes
  5. Use a spray gun to apply a thin layer of paint of the same colour for a perfect match, heating it to dry between applications
  6. Cure the entire repaired area with an infrared lamp or blower
  7. Allow the area to cool, then remove any paint nibs with extremely fine-grain paper for a flawless repair
  8. Polish and buff to give it a shiny finish

Axioma: your local professional repair expert

Our repair shop is here to make your vehicle look like new again. With over 500 years of cumulated experience, we have the proper scratch repair kits and knowledge to do the job properly and quickly.

If you’re wondering “how much does car scratch repair cost?”, we can’t provide a price list, but you can expect the average cost to be between £130 and £180. In addition, we also offer a lifetime guarantee, so you can have the confidence that we deliver high-quality results in only a few hours. Get in touch with us to get a quote today!