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Who doesn’t want to shop locally? At Axioma we partner with local, independent artisans to offer an exclusive “near me” car paint repair experience that you won’t get with national chains like Chips Away or Revive.

Furthermore, when you shop with Axioma, you know that the lion’s share of what you pay stays with the independent repairer (we take 0 franchise fees or royalties), fueling hundreds of local economies throughout the UK. So if you’re looking for a “car paint repair near me” you can either go with a national chain, or with us, and know that you are giving your business to your friendly local artisan.

Our Ethos

At Axioma we believe that car repairs should be fair. Fair to the tradesmen we work with, to the customers that need their cars repaired and to the environment (by providing a sustainable car body repair service). We offer different sorts of car dent repair services with the common denominator of providing a high quality, local and artisanal repair experience to our customers.

You can learn more about our other services such as bumper repairs and dent repairs, or pop by our home page to learn a little more about us and how we’re in this game to change body car repairs forever.

Paint Repairs on Cars

At Axioma, we offer a wide range of minor car body repairs. Our independent tradesmen have a variety of skills including panel beating, paint retouching/colour matching and other car body repair specialisations that allow them to choose the best technique to fix the paint on your car.

When you get in touch with Axioma, you gain immediate access to over 500 years of cumulate paint repair on car experience. All of the technicians we partner with are independent enterpreneurs, with years of experience in the fine art of car scratch repair.

Our experts come equipped with a fully stocked car paint repair kit (e.g. paint repair filler), and will employ the latest techniques to seamlessly repair the paint on your vehicle.

By using SMART repair techniques (see below), our expert artisans can complete a paint repair in a matter of hours, at the convenience of your home. Our paint repair technicians will apply a fantastic and flawless finish, while being significantly cheaper than a bodyshop, or even national SMART repair franchises (e.g. Chips Away).

Mobile Car Paint Repairs

Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (in short, SMART) car body repairs entail that mobile paint repair services can be done at the convenience of your home. We can carry out the mobile paint repair without needing to remove or paint the entire panel, focusing our efforts on the damaged area.

Our expert technicians will be able to accurately blend the repair and to guarantee an excellent, accurate result. Our artisans have over 500 years of cumulate experience and will cross-check the colour they use against the manufacturer’s original colour code specification to guarantee that the colour matches perfectly.

The combination of our artisans’ skills, along with a trialled and tested technique for scratch repair will ensure that the colour and texture of your panel be restored back to its original condition.

How to Fix a Paint Scratch

Step 1
Clean the affected area

The technician will need a clean area to be able to repair the scratch properly. This is required to ensure that any paint scratches are clear from dirt and visible.

Step 2
Masking and Prepping

Once the affected area is cleaned, the repairer will isolate the scratch from the rest of the panel by applying a mask. This ensures that only the scratched panel will be affected by the repair, and will avoid the repairer having to paint the entire panel.

Step 3

The technician will use various grades of sanded paper to remove paint from the affected area. This process ensures that the scratch is effectively sanded away and the affected area can be painted to match the rest of the panel.

Step 4
Apply filler if needed

For deeper scratches the technician will apply a special filler that will allow them to smoothen the affected area and completely remove the damage.

Step 5
Paint and Cure

Once the filler has cured, the technician will proceed to sand the affected area, apply the base paint and finish the car with a final coat of paint. Nearly all modern vehicles use a two part, base coat/clear coat paint system, with the base coat needing a clear over the top of it to produce the proper sheen and protect it from UV rays from the sun.

Paint Repair FAQ

What is SMART repair and how does it work?

SMART Repair is a process that allows our technicians to separate the car body repair of a panel from the rest of the panel, and only repair/paint the affected area. This technique allows for more cost effective and more eco-friendly repairs.

Will my colour match?

Since the technician only repairs a portion of the panel, a concern for most clients is whether they will be left with a car body repair that does not match the colour of the rest of the panel. Axioma repairers all have years of experience working with car body repairs. They will use the manufacturer’s paint code, a special tool called a spectrophotometer and their artisanal experience to ensure that the affected area is blended into the rest of the panel.

How do I care for my car body repair after its been repaired?

We recommend to wait about 5 days before washing the affected area or polishing it. Your expert technician will be on site to give you their exact suggestions depending on the situation.

How Much Does a Car Body Repair Cost?

We don’t provide a pricing grid, however, for bumper scuffs / scrapes you are likely to pay between £130 and £180 depending on damage and location. Panel damage will typically range between £160 and £230 depending on location and severity.

Axioma for Paint Repair

As the fair repair company, Axioma specialises in providing affordable paint repair and mobile car paint repair services. Our paint repairs for cars can be carried out quickly and at your door by one of our expert artisans. With over 500 years of cumulate experience, our expert technicians can easily fix paint scratches in almost every panel of your car.

We understand that car ownership comes with a myriad of costs and worries – car paint repair is no longer one of them. Let our local experts come to you, and fix that paint scratch in your car!

Thanks to our innovative SMART repair techniques, we can repair your paint quickly and cost effectively, at the convenience of your home. Our goal as the UK’s most innovative car paint repair platform is to provide you with a fantastic car scratch repair whilst saving you time and money.

How does this work?

Step 1

Complete the form below and Axioma will contact you within 24 hours to provide an assessment based on photos. In some (rare) cases, an engineer may need to assess the damage in person.

Step 2

Once the damage assessment is agreed, Axioma will source a repairer to carry out the work at that price. The repairer will be in touch to book your car in for repairs.

Step 3

The majority of Axioma repairers will be able to carry out the work at your home location. Alternatively, they can arrange for your car to be collected and delivered back to you once the work is complete.


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