Car Body Repair

Car accidents are unfortunate, and scratchesdents and other inconveniences are not uncommon, especially in a city like Bristol, where roads are always busy. At Axioma, you can expect only quality customer service from the skilled technicians at our repair centres. Don’t want to waste time going to a bodyshop?

Let our experienced team go to your home and service your vehicle. Specializing in car body repair in Bristol, we can make your car shine and get it back on the roads in no time.

With over 500 years of cumulated experience, we follow the SMART repair process, where we isolate and fix the issue without needing to replace an entire panel. Not only will your car look like new again, but you’ll also enjoy quality car body repair services at an affordable price.


Our skilled local car repairer, Jack, boasts over 10 years of experience, expertly handling car chip repairs, bumper welding, and malicious scratch restorations with exceptional finesse and precision.

Car Paint Repair

If you need car body repairs in Bristol, our team’s experience is unparalleled. To ensure a high standard of repairs quality and a durable, flawless finish, we carefully select reliable techniques and methods. We know your car’s colour reflects your personality.

That’s why we carefully evaluate the damage and select the original colour codes provided by the car manufacturers. This ensures that the colour of the car is uniform and that the affected area has a smooth finish. We guarantee that you’ll be amazed by the results.

Bumper Repair

Car bumpers are designed with your safety in mind. Keeping them in good condition is vital, especially as bumpers are prone to dents and cracks. That’s why at Axioma, we use cutting-edge technologies to restore your bumper to its original state at competitive prices.

So whether you’re dealing with a resounding crack that needs to be filled or a stubborn scratch, we perform mobile car body repairs in Bristol directly from your domicile. Don’t spend your time, energy, and money on a new bumper replacement. You can count on our body repair services to restore your bumper to its original condition and make it look brand new again.

Car Dent Repair

Looking for the right car body repair shop in Bristol can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if you need to deal with insurance companies. We’re here to simplify your life. Our car dent removal and accident repair services are performed by highly trained technicians who can complete the job within a few hours. So, whether you have commercial vehicle repairs that need to be dealt with or your family car has minor dents to fix, we offer various body repair services to bring your car’s beauty back to life.

Car Scratch Repair

When your car is regularly exposed to harsh weather conditions or other harmful elements, scratches can quickly appear on the surface. Our Bristol-based body shop services offer fast and effective scratch repair services that aim to make your car look like new again. No matter the size of the damage, we use the latest SMART polishing techniques to ensure a seamless match to your car colour; you won’t even notice the difference.

So if you’re searching for an experienced and cost-effective car repair business in Bristol, Axioma is your number-one choice. Fill out the assessment form for your free, no-obligation quote, and we’ll get back to you in the briefest of delays.

How does this work?

Step 1

Complete the form below and Axioma will contact you within 24 hours to provide an assessment based on photos.

Step 2

Once our quote is accepted, Axioma will source a repairer to carry out the work (mobile scratch / scuff repairs, or more extensive body repairs) at that price. The repairer will be in touch to book your car in for repairs.

Step 3

The majority of Axioma repairers will be able to carry out the work at your home location. Alternatively, they can arrange for your car to be collected and delivered back to you once the work is complete.  If you decide to take an Axioma repairer we will be able to ensure that the correct work was carried out by providing before and after photos.


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